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Last Updated: 3/2/2015 9:00:00 AM

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Trail Information
A - District 11

Trail is Open.
Almaguin/Burks Falls
The Trails on Lake Bernard is now been staked.
Trail is Open.
All trails are available except the BF203 which is Limited The lakes have been staked.
Trail is Open.
Available - D Trail
Available - C106
Limited - A102D - Lake Nosbonsing - Staked
Available - C110D to D Trail

Available - C110D From SSR707 to SSR706

Available - C110D (Portion temporarily closed from the Junction of D102C (Restoule
side) to the Junction of SSR706 South)

Available - D102C - From Lake Nipissing (Fish Bay) to AR504
(towards Restoule and beyond)
Available - D102C - From Hunters Bay to SSR710 (due to swamp)
Available - D102C - From SSR710 to Hwy 11
Available - SSR601
Available - SSR604
Available - SSR700
Limited - SSR702 (Lake Nipissing trail to Cranberry Marsh to SSR 710 and D102C)
Limited - SSR703
Not Available - SSR704
Available - SSR706
Limited - SSR707
Not Available - SSR709
Available - SSR710A
Available- SSR711

Trail is Open.
French River
The Trail across lake Nipissing to Lavigne has been staked
Trail is Open.
Hagar/St Charles

Trail is Open.
Loring Area
Trails are Available The lakes are Staked.
Trail is Open.
The Mattawa River is now staked
Trail is Open.
All Trails are Available
Trail is Open.
North Bay
A1 - Available
A2 - Available
D - Available
AD - Available
A102Q from AD to NB308 - Available
A102Q from NB308 to Temiscaming -Available
A112A from A2 to NB300 - Available
A112A from NB300 to Mica Mine (MASC) -Available
NB300 - Available
NB302 - Available
NB304 - Available
NB308 from A102Q to NB300 - Available
NB308 from NB300 to A112A - Available

Trail is Open.
Sundridge/South River/Trout Creek

Trail is Open.
The Trails are now Available
Trail is Open.
West Nipissing
The Trail across Lake Nipissing from Lavigne has been staked
Trail is Open.
Trail Status Legend
Trails are not open and are considered unsafe for travel.
Trails are passable for marginal snowmobiling.
Some trails may be closed, extra caution advised.
Trails are open for snowmobiling.

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The Trail Conditions posted here are for general information only and do not necessarily reflect the Trail Conditions at the time of your ride. Trail conditions are gathered from club volunteers and are valid only at the time of their observation. Their observations may not meet your expectations and conditions may vary from the time of posting. Trail Conditions may vary with the temperature, snow conditions, type of terrain and usage. Please exercise caution at all times and be prepared for the unexpected. Remember that the snowmobile trail is providing you with an off road experience . An off road experience indicates trails are not to a particular standard and are provided for the user's enjoyment and as such expect that the trail conditions will be an off road experience. The clubs post signs for your convenience and there is no guarantee that they will be there at any given time due to wind, rain and storms plus vandalism.

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